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Focused, industry-relevant and
resilient threat intelligence protects
your business
from cyber threats.

Businesses operating in public and private sectors can rely on Systems Arabia to safeguard their crucial
information. It’s imperative to enable seamless, fraud-free, and secure running of your digital services
with minimum friction. We utilize industry-approved data protection standards, so you can combat data
loss, service downgrade, and deter unauthorized external access.

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Systems Arabia Factor: How we do it?

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Managed security services

Managed Security Services

Systems Arabia maintains a security operations center (SOC), providing proactive surveillance services for real-time threat monitoring, incident response, vulnerability assessment, and forensic analysis.

Our SOC team uses enhanced logging facilities to gain maximum security visibility over the IT Infrastructure to detect an attack. It also covers alert creation as per the industry’s best standards, such as MITRE ATT&CK or Cyber Kill Chain. Business entities of all kinds can benefit from our cost-effective SOC center while cutting on operational overhead.

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Technology services

Technology Services

Being a trusted business partner of leaders in security domain, Systems Arabia enables enterprises to integrate and customize technologies with a wide variety of OEM. Based on your specific business goals, our specialists recommend the right blend of security solutions.

We leverage IBM QRadar, IBM Guardium, Splunk, Microsoft Azure Sential and LogSign forSecurity Information and Event Management (SIEM) and IBM SOAR / Cloud Pak for Security, Splunk Phantom / SOAR, and LogSign SOAR.

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SIEM Administration and GAP assessment

SIEM Administration and GAP Assessment

Our team of experts will provide administration services for SIEM solutions – deployed or not. Without tuning and optimization, no matter how extensive and successful a SIEM implementation is, it may simply become another logging system that accumulates vast quantities of logs and events, not making sense on its own.

We identify and fill gaps in existing SIEM technology, guaranteeing it captures relevant correlational data, analysis, logs, and events, as well as providing best practices to get the most out of current SIEM investments.

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Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

Our well-equipped workforce protects your computer networks from internal as well as any external cybersecurity threats. We monitor, manage, and design your intrusion detection systems based on internationally compliant benchmarks so you can fine tune vulnerability metrics and risk scoring at a feasible cost.

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Threat detection & prevention

Threat Detection & Prevention

Systems Arabia’s dedicated security analysts can help future proof your business framework. Our industry-leading experts help you identify weak links in network infrastructure, test mobile and web applications, following the globally recognized standards like CIS, SANS, and NIST.

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Digital forensics

Digital Forensics

Acknowledging a rise in external and internal data breaches, Systems Arabia empowers enterprises with forensic analysis expertise to ensure a real- time incident response.

Our services incorporate acquisition and analysis of digital data, mobile phone forensics, electronic evidence, litigation support, and recovery. We also offer other enterprise security solutions by inspecting affected equipment securely delivered at our examination lab or through on-spot services.