Enterprise Application Integration

Unify workflow for your enterprise applications with effective information exchange

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Today’s businesses require enterprise -ready solutions that enable them to communicate internally with teams & connect externally with clients, vendors, partners, and other stakeholders.

Systems Arabia’s enterprise integration solutions are purpose-built for leveraging key resources for maximum business value. With an entire ecosystem of partners, cloud systems, service providers, and third-party developers, our services span over organizations making information sharing easy for you in a cost-efficient manner.

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Enterprise Application Integration Enables

Enhanced Operations

Enhanced Operations

Make sound business decisions and process information and orders without delay.

Data precision

Data Precision

Enable accurate enterprise information to flow through internal departments and other crucial business entities.

Agile service delivery

Agile Service Delivery

Deliver digital transformation projects with agility by enabling enterprises to derive new business models.

Information exchange

Information Exchange

Transmit data from various so- urces and channels to decision- making platforms for a person- alized customer experience.

Cost optimization

Cost Optimization

Consolidate key business information without the effort of reallocating resources.

Monetized information sharing

Monetized Information Sharing

Develop different channels for business revenue by promoting value-added service.

Seamless connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

Unify systems, clients, and partners regardless of different time zones and communication means.

Systems Arabia’s innovation-led application integration services

  • Platform agnostic approach

    Market-Centric Expertise

    Our team of professionals incorporates top-level integration methods to develop information exchange systems that maximize ROI and build a resilient IT structure

  • Ongoing optimization

    Ongoing Optimization

    Systems Arabia’s experts with on-the-go assessment and requirement analysis of integration workloads offer guidance for performance optimization.

  • Integration COE

    Integration COE

    We provide you with a viable maturity model alongside dimension and engagement models that empower your business to expand and build a sustainable COE.

  • Integration accelerators

    Integration Accelerators

    Expedite development and your journey towards enterprise integration platform using our technology and consulting accelerators.

  • Engagement models

    Engagement Models

    Our best-in-class managed services, staff augmentation, project delivery, and L1/L2/L3 support help elevate your business visibility.

application integration services

Integration features to empower your business

  • End-to-end 

    End-to-End Integration

    Deploy and maintain business applications hassle-free with minimal vendor reliance and faster time to market.

  • Offline batch 

    Offline Batch Transfer

    Store and analyze data without delay regardless of connectivity or workload.

  • Communication 

    Communication Portals

    Deliver core services and move information payloads through a unified channel.

  • Predictive 

    Predictive Analytics

    Gather insights from predictive analytics to assure a customer- centric experience.

  • Microservices & 
                    enterprise service bus

    Microservices & Enterprise Service Bus

    Garner fine-grained access control with independently operating modules.

  • Service-based 

    Service-Based Framework

    Effortlessly transfer information across business applications in different formats.

  • Open API

    Open API

    Integrate easy-to-implement enterprise services that are sustainable, scalable, and secure.

  • Cloud readiness

    Cloud Readiness

    Lay the foundation to seam- lessly move to a cloud environment.